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Tax “The Rich”

More Taxes Will Create Jobs!

More Taxes Will Create Jobs!

“Ancient Rome declined because it had a Senate, now what’s going to happen to us with both a House and a Senate” – Will Rogers

Some rambling questions for today:

Want a solution to funding the war in Afghanistan? — Tax the rich.

What happens when the Democrats destroy the Bush tax cuts? — They tax the rich.

How will the Democrats pay for health care reform? — Tax the rich.

Want to increase unemployment and send more corporations and jobs out of the country? — An excellent way to do it is to tax the rich.

“The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.” – Will Rogers

Who do the Democrats consider to be “The Rich”? — Basically all of us who actually pay federal income taxes.

Who produce the jobs that people so desperately need now? — The small business owners.

Who are the Democrats targeting most heavily with their lust for more taxes? — The small business owners.

Ever seen someone out of work get a job from a non-producer who pays no federal income taxes? — No.

Ever seen a small business owner who is being hit with so many additional taxes expand his business and provide more jobs? — No.

“If you make any money, the government shoves you in the creek once a year with it in your pockets, and all that don’t get wet you can keep.” – Will Rogers

If the health care bill passes, how much will Medicare be cut to help pay for it? — $465 billion.  Everything that we put into Medicare throughout our entire working lives has already been stolen by the federal government.

If the health care bill passes,when will we start paying higher taxes for it? — The year 2010.

If the health care bill passes, when will most of the major provisions of it actually start? — The year 2014.  This is like buying a new home now and beginning to make the payments on it, but you can’t move into it or rent it out for four years.

What is each American household’s current share of the national debt? — $103,000.00.

If the health care bill passes, will you have a Health Savings Account to help alleviate some of the tax burden? — Not if Harry Reid has anything to say about it.

“Last year we said, ‘Things can’t go on like this’, and they didn’t, they got worse.” – Will Rogers

What is Obama’s current Gallup approval rating? — 48%.

What percentage of Americans pay no federal income taxes? — 48%.  Gee!  You think that’s a coincidence?

(My special thanks to Neal Boortz, The Talkmaster on WSB 750 Talk Radio, for inspiring the format and much of the content for today’s blog, even though he doesn’t know I exist.)

“If stupid got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out?” – Will Rogers


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